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Zoo Atlanta has a lot of new baby news!

baby orangutan

Zoo Atlanta announced on January 8th, that 2012 was the second best year in attendance in their 125 year history with 866,425 guests. Since that announcement Zoo Atlanta has released 3 major baby announcements in 3 days! On January 9th, the Zoo announced weaning has begun for Po the giant panda. On January 10th, the day Destination South visited Zoo Atlanta, Blaze, a 16-year-old Sumatran orangutan, gave birth to a male infant. The Zoo released a few pictures of the newborn, featured in this blog’s picture. And finally on January 11th, the Zoo announced the debut of their Eastern Bongo Calf. Zoo Atlanta has a lot to celebrate about this year as Lulu, a Lowland Gorilla is still pregnant, and doing very well. Destination South was also able to check out the adorable Lowland Gorilla Merry Leigh. Expect pictures from us soon.

Zoo Atlanta is no stranger to newborns! In 2011 they reported 259 births in the zoo, 56 of those were mammals. The zoo is also home to the world’s oldest male Lowland Gorilla, Ozzie. For more information on Zoo Atlanta, check out their VERY active facebook or

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