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Zombie Bash Review: Fright Fest 2012 at Six Flags Over Georgia

On 10/5/12, Destination South was invited to a a very special bash at Six Flags Over Georgia. What kind of bash you ask? Well, a Zombie Bash! Zombie Bash was Six Flags Over Georgia’s VIP preview as to what SFOG had to offer for Fright Fest in 2012. It would feature shows, food, and as many rides as you could stand. This year, Zombie Bash took place on a regular park operating day. This allowed us to see the whole park in normal operation. It featured special seating at the first public showing of the year at Dr. Fright’s Dead Man’s Party, as well as a special reception for event guests. The event was attended by staffers Chris (me), Jackie, and Tyler. We used this opportunity to check out some of our favorite attractions including the Wheelie, which was slated for removal at the end of the year. The event was fun as always, and provided a great opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit.

As stated before, this year was the return of Dr Fright’s Dead Man’s party, a perennial favorite among guests which had been absent for the last several years. After feedback from many fans of the park in the years leading up to 2012 asking for the show to return, it came back better than ever! The show changed venues to the historic Crystal Pistol Music Hall (it was formely located in the now demolished Drive-In Theatre), and featured a new set to fill out the new venue. The show itself remained largely unchanged, other than removing the Crypt Jam song added in the 90s (a welcome removal). This allowed the show to flow better and was the highlight of the evening for Destination South!

Staff member Tyler used this event as an opportunity to try the recently refurbished Georgia Cyclone. Prior to the 2012 season, the Georgia Cyclone received a partial retracking using the topper-track technology from Rocky Mountain Coasters. The sections that received the Topper Track treatment were vastly improved. Hopefully Six Flags will be able to complete the circuit with this technology in the coming years.

We also took a spin through Dr. Fright’s Frightorium, which is the haunted house featured each year at Six Flags Over Georgia. This house benefits greatly from being located in a permanent structure. This allows them to update and change areas each year, while keeping the quality level high by not having to demolish and rebuild each year. The house featured some great scares as always. We also took a spin on Monster Mansion, which features fun costumes on the monsters to help celebrate the occasion.

The Zombie Bash VIP event for the evening would be located in the picnic pavilions located behind the Lickskillet section of the park. The event featured an all-you-care-to-eat buffet featuring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. After partaking in the wonderful spread offered by the park, we also took the opportunity to ride the Wheelie for one last time. The Wheelie was slated for removal after the 2012 season, to make room for SkyScreamer. Fitting for a last ride, the Wheelie didn’t disappoint. We will definitely make time in the future to check out this classic Schwarzkoph ride at its new home at Fun Spot in Orlando, FL.

Fright Fest 2012 also featured revisions and updates to the Terror Train. I’m hesitant to even call it an update, as the 2012 version bared no resemblance to the 2011 version, and that’s a good thing! This year’s version of the Terror Train was much more closer to the Terror Train of old, which was a fan favorite. It featured much more gore, better scares, and used the entire train circuit. It was definitely one of the best attractions at Fright Fest in a long time! We hope it returns bigger and better than ever next year!

The only disappointment this year was Road Rage Cage. After being one of our favorite attractions in 2011, this layover of the bumper cars suffered a bit in 2012. Unfortuantely, from what we hear, local Fire Marshalls would not allow Six Flags to install the temporary walls around the attraction as they had done in 2011. This did not allow the attraction to benefit from the darkness as it had in 2011 (also benefical to keeping the fog inside the building). We hope that Six Flags can overcome this issue and find a better solution for 2013. Personally, I’d just like to see this version of the Bumper Cars become the all-year version. It was that good in 2011!

After checking out a second showing of Dr. Fright’s Dead Man’s Party, we called it a night. We can’t thank Six Flags Over Georgia enough for the invitation to this fun event, and look forward to the 2013 version!

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