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Stengel Engineering, the Rockstar of the Coaster World

Backlot Stunt Coaster



If you have a passion for coasters, chances are you have visited a site known as, and learned the differences between and B&M and a Vekoma, and wondered what in the world a Schwarzkopf is and how to pronounce it. In the realm of coaster creators these names are renowned around the world, and someone links all of them together. If you need a man that understands the line between physics and fun you are looking for Werner Stengel. His understanding of calculating the proper physics and design has made him know for the concept of “heartlining” coasters. Stengel works with manufactures, he doesn’t build the coasters, he designs the, perfects the layouts, and helps with precise calculations before the manufactures spend a dime on steel.

His website boasts the following clients:

  • Bolliger&Mabillard, CH
  • Eurorides, IT
  • Fabbri, IT
  • Gerstlauer, DE
  • Giovanola S.A., CH
  • Holzbau Cordes, DE
  • Intamin, FL
  • L&T Systems, IT
  • Mack, DE
  • Maurer Soehne, DE
  • Premier Rides, US
  • Roller Coaster Corporation of America, US
  • Schwarzkopf, DE
  • Vekoma, NL
  • Zamperla, IT
  • Zierer, DE

Here is where you can start to begin diving into his world:

Stengel Engineering Website

Warner Stengel Wiki’s list of Stengel Coasters


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