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Ronny’s Travels – ACE Central Europe – Overview


Chris asked to highlight some of my trip reports from my travels here on the main page, so I have posted these here.

Among the top destinations for coasters that I have wanted to get to is Germany, so when ACE announced they would be offering a trip to Central Europe to include parks in Hungary, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands, I knew I wanted to make it work. It would be a 15 day coaster trip and with travel days would require at least 11 days of vacation. I have never asked for more than 10 days together, but deciding to build in enough time for sightseeing in Budapest, I asked for and got 12 days off work for my 18 day trip.

Some reports are short and some are longer, but I have broken this up by park and by city. The reports can be accessed at the following links:

Part 1: Budapest, Hungary
Part 2: VidamPark
Part 3: Wiener Prater
Part 4: Vienna, Austria
Part 5: Bayern Park
Part 6: Munich, Germany
Part 7: Skyline Park
Part 8: Erlebnispark Tripsdrill
Part 9: Holiday Park
Part 10: Europa Park
Part 11: Freizeit-Land Geiselwind
Part 12: Freizeitpark Plohn
Part 13: Belantis
Part 14: Lübeck, Germany
Part 15: Hansa Park
Part 16: Hamburger Sommerdom 2013
Part 17: Heide-Park Soltau
Part 18: Phantasialand
Part 19: Efteling
Part 20: Toverland
Part 21: Die Cranger Kirmes 2013
Part 22: Movie Park Germany and Freizeitpark Schloss Beck
Part 23: A Surprise Stop
Part 24: Frankfurt, Germany

Thanks for Reading!

  1. Ronny,
    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your European trip log. Very well done trip reports with great photos. Really gave me a better feel of what those parks have to offer. My wife and I spent some time in Germany 4 years ago and wanted to at least hit Europa park but time and circumstances did not allow it. I now feel motivated to make some of these parks a greater priority next time I go back. Thanks !!

  2. Thanks Goliathfan64!

    My purpose in writing these is to help others if they want to visit these parks, so I hope you take the opportunity to visit Europa and maybe some other parks when you visit Germany again. I hope some of my information helps. Europa is amazing!

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