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Order a Cake at Walt Disney World

First of all, if you are considering ordering a cake from Walt Disney World, you should go read “How to Special-Order a Cake at Walt Disney World” by Carrie Hayward of the DisneyTravelBabble blog.  This is where I got all of my information on ordering a cake, and really, there is nothing that can be said about ordering a cake at Walt Disney World that Carrie doesn’t know and hasn’t already covered on this very informative page!  The following is my personal account of how I ordered my anniversary cake, and what I did to get it to where it needed to go.

Cake.  Cake is very important to me.  I have a big sweet tooth and an appreciation of beautiful-yet-still-delicious desserts.  When Chris and I got married at Walt Disney World in 2012, one of the things I was most looking forward to was our Haunted Mansion wedding cake.  Well, the cake of my dreams did not come out looking very.. picturesque.  It tasted very good, but it was not what I asked for, and since I know that the Grand Floridian turns out gorgeous wedding cakes on a nearly daily basis, the quality of the cake was not what it should have been.

Needless to say, it was a big disappointment to me, the Lover of Cakes.  I decided that we should have a first anniversary cake to make up for the experience.  After much research (which mainly consisted of the aforementioned DisneyTravelBabble blog) I decided to get our cake from the Contemporary Resort bakery.  At the time, the pastry chef there was known for creating beautiful cakes, including small sized cakes for celebrations like anniversaries.

I began e-mailing with the pastry chef as soon as I decided I wanted to order a cake for our October trip.  He was very receptive to the idea and we chatted back and forth through e-mail about pricing and ideas on the design for the cake.  He advised me to wait until about a month to two weeks before calling the Walt Disney World Cake Hotline (yes, WDW has a cake hotline!) to make my reservation, so that it wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.

As I wanted to take the cake to the Grand Floridian so that we could have a cake cutting where we got married, I had to pick up the cake at the Contemporary Resort and get it to the Grand Floridian.  Our cake reservation had to be attached to a room or dining reservation at the Contemporary; we couldn’t just arrange to pick up the cake at the front desk.  So, I made a breakfast reservation at Chef Mickey’s, and when I called the Cake Hotline, I gave them my dining reservation number to “attach” the cake to the Chef Mickey’s reservation.

Here’s where stuff got sticky.  About two weeks before our trip, I e-mailed the Contemporary bakery to confirm the cake and make sure they still had all the information, and to make sure they had my dining reservation info.  I didn’t hear back.. for about a week.  That was very strange, as the pastry chef had been very quick to answer any questions I had in the past.  I forwarded the message again right before we left for Florida.

Days into our trip, I still hadn’t heard anything confirming the cake.  I was getting extremely nervous.  I already had a lot of emotional cake trauma from before, now this?!  I wondered if I should just cancel the cake to avoid disappointment.  Finally, I contacted Carrie of the DisneyTravelBabble blog (aka Queen of Disney Cake Knowledge) and asked for her advice.  She suggested that I call the Contemporary resort directly and let them know what the issue was.  I did just that, and had to leave a message detailing my cake order, my Chef Mickey’s reservation, and my panic.

A day went by with no word.  I had almost decided to call the Cake Hotline and cancel the cake order, when I received a phone message back from the Contemporary assuring me that they had my order and all my e-mails and the cake would be there as promised.

Woohoo!  Cake was back on!

Though we were staying on property at POP! Century resort, we drove our car over to the Contemporary that morning instead of taking the bus.  I did not want to risk a fancy fondant covered cake on public transportation.  We enjoyed a very tasty buffet character breakfast at Chef Mickey’s, and all the while I waited with bated breath to see the reveal of the cake.  They brought it out at the end, and it was perfect!  Better than I could have imagined!

They provided us with a box and we carefully slid the cake into the box and then began the fantastical voyage of Get the Cake From the Contemporary to POP! Century and Then to the Grand Floridian and Then Back to POP! Century.  It involved me having a death grip on the cake and some very careful driving by Chris.

Unfortunately, we did not have a refrigerator in our room.  (This was during the time frame when POP! Century had to remove some fridges from their rooms to replace them.)  The cake set out at room temperature for a few hours, and while it held up well, it was starting to get a little saggy by the time we got it to the Grand Floridian marina to do our cake cutting.

I had booked David and Vicki Arndt Photography to do a first anniversary photo shoot with us, and one of the main reasons was to document the cake!  They were so sweet and took care of all of the details and logistics of doing a cake cutting at the Grand Floridian marina.  They brought a small table and chairs, a tablecloth, and even a cake server engraved with the words “Served With Love”.  They set up and documented everything.. all we had to do was sit down, cut the cake, and eat it!  (Oh, and the cake was as delicious as it was beautiful!  It was chocolate with chocolate mousse filling.  It was super moist and divine!)

Order a Cake at Walt Disney World

Even though it was a bit of work on my part, I am so thrilled with the outcome of our first anniversary Haunted Mansion cake.  It was gorgeous, it was delicious, it was captured forever by the beautiful photos by David and Vicki.  Even though our wedding cake was a disappointment, having our perfect first anniversary cake at our ceremony site more than made up for it!

Order a Cake at Walt Disney World

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