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Fun Spot Update


Fun Spot America is looking great! A green arch now welcomes guests on the North side of I-4 acting as a beacon to fun. This green arch is towering over 3 go cart tracks, and a lot of construction. A VERY picture-es suspended kiddy coaster with yellow track, trimmed with supports of blue, “Rocket Man” looks nearly completed. The GCI Wooden coaster themed to a train is living up to the wonderful architecture a GCI tends to provide. There is a 4th go-cart track (green track) has winding supports in the new construction area, and signs around the existing park countdown less than 50 days to a grande opening to the first phase of the expansion. Although it does not specify what will be open after this short lived countdown is complete, construction is moving very quickly. If you are planning a trip to central Florida this summer, definitely plan a few hours at this gem of Central Florida, Fun Spot America!


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