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Fun Spot America Opens Their New Expansion Area!


Today just after 5PM Fun Spot America opened their gates to the new back area of their new expansion. Although the coasters are not quite ready, there are new rides, such as the Enterprise (formally the Wheelie at Six Flags Over Georgia), Rip Tide, and Tilt – A- Whirl with new locations for the Paratrooper and the double decker carousel topped with the Statue of Liberty. The new kiddy coaster was also under construction. The area had a midway feel with brick pavers along the path. The Sky Coaster was also not ready, but a new eating/party area was open and very spacious.  So how much is it to ride the Wheelie again from Six Flags Over Georgia? $6 a ride, or you may want to seriously consider an annual pass for $127, because White Lightening looks AMAZING.


Here are a few pictures of our trip into the expansion.



Check out this story for pictures from 5/10/13



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