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East Meets ACE–Epilogue–Part 4: Beppu, Rakutenchi/別府ラクテンチ and Return to Tokyo

East Meets ACE–Epilogue–Part 4: Beppu, Rakutenchi/別府ラクテンチ and Return to Tokyo

On Sunday, October 7 Richard, Vanessa and I began our day early in order to get in some sightseeing before our visit to our final park of the trip. After a quick walk to Beppu Station we caught a bus heading to the Boiling Hells. Beppu is known for its large number of hot springs under the city and the region around it, and a number of them with varying characteristics have been set up for tourist to visit.  

First we came to Shiraike Jigoku,

or White Pond Hell,

a plush, well landscaped garden

around a pond of grayish white water

with plumes of steam rising up from it. 

Next up was Oniyama Jigoku,

or Devil Mountain Hell.

This one was more of a wide open space around a pond with steam coming off of it. 

Here they had a statue of the Devil,

and interestingly, an alligator farm, as the warm water is an ideal breeding ground for them.

Next was Kamado Jigoku,

or Cooking Pot Hell,

with blue ponds

next to small ponds of muddy orange water boiling up to resemble a cooking pot boiling.  

From here we visited Umi Jigoku,

or Sea Hell, the largest layout of any of the Jigokus we visited. 

This plush landscaped garden surrounds a large pond of sea blue water with large amounts of steam rising up. 

The pathways around the pond

provided many picturesque sights. 

A couple of mascots entertained guests

and there is also a greenhouse, presumably fed by the hot springs. 

The final stop was Oniishi Bozu Jigoku,

or Bald Monk Hell,

with a series of small ponds of milky gray water that bubble up to resemble a bald head. 

In some ways this was the most impressive of the ones we saw.  Our ticket did not include Yama Jigoku or Mountain Hell, which is nearby, and as much as we wanted to visit two additional Jigokus which were about a mile and a half away, our limited time was insufficient to make it to Tatsumaki Jigoku or Tornado Hell, which has little tornadoes in the water or Lago de Sangue Jigoku or Blood Pond Hell, which has red water bubbling.  We took the bus back to Beppu Station and met up with David at Beppu Komenoi Hotel and checked out, asking them to keep our luggage. 

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