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Destination South Visits Six Flags Over Georgia

I was able to get two rides in during my short stay due to the nonexistant line.

On 7/14/13, Destination South visited Six Flags Over Georgia for the first time since SkyScreamer Media Day. While the trip was primarily to finally process my Season Pass, I took a couple of loops around the park while visiting. With the threat of rain in the forecast (which would prove right by the end of my short stay), crowds were light other than at Dare Devil Dive. The standout attraction was definitely the Great American Scream Machine. I haven’t been able to ride this classic for several years due to the roughness. I ended up being able to take multiple rides as this classic wooden coaster was performing excellent this date! I had an overall fun time in the short few hours I spent at the park.

Anyway, onto the photos! (click to view larger or to start the slide show)


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