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Dakotas Trip & ACE Summer Conference 2017 – Part 4 – Iowa – Pre-Conference

Iowa State Fair

We arrived in Des Moines around 5:00 that afternoon and checked into the Holiday Inn.  We headed to the Iowa State Fair and arrived around 6:00.  The fair had several significant rides including 3 coasters that we could ride.


Windstorm: (S.D.C., Windstorm, 1993/2010) As this is the same coaster owned by Steve Vander Vorste that I rode at the Wisconsin State Fair, it was not a new credit for me. 

It gave a good ride although the $8 ticket price seemed high – 1 ride.

Groovy Train: (Interpark, Zyklon, 2016/2017)

While this is the same coaster that operated at the short lived lake City Amusement Park as Cyclone Coaster, I am counting it both as a permanent installation and as a separate traveling attraction, so I am it as a new credit.  It is owned by Steve Vander Vorst.  It gave a good ride – 1 ride.

Crazy Mouse: (Unknown, Spinning Mouse, Unknown year)

Owned by Steve Vander Vorst,

we had excellent spinning on this coaster and it was a new credit to me – 1 ride.

Ye Olde Mill: This permanent ride has been at the fair since 1921, and it is great to see it still there. 

It was very fast and dark, so fast in fact that you didn’t have time to read the history banners that were lit on some of the curves – 1 ride.

Chair Lift 1: This gave a great view of the fair, roundtrip – 2 rides.

Chair Lift 2: This also gave a great view of the fair, roundtrip – 2 rides.

Haunted Mansion: One of the weakest dark rides I have seen – 1 ride.

Rock & Roll Fun House: Typical fair funhouse – 1 walkthrough.

Magic Mirror Maze: Typical fair mirror maze – 1 walkthrough.

Hurricane: This spinning ride is really fast – 1 ride.

Tilt-A-Whirl: Good spinning – 1 ride.

Ferris Wheel: Good view of the park – 1 ride.

Disk-O: Very poor ride – 1 ride.

Richard also rode Magnum, a spinning inverting ride.


Richard and I ate at the Iowa Pork Producers Association pavilion and had perhaps the best pork chop I have ever eaten.  I also got some good corn from one of the booths.  The fair is massive, so much larger than fairs I have been to in Georgia. 

The fairgrounds are huge with the rides portions being only a small part of the entire fair. 

After having a good time, we left for the hotel around 10:30.


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