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ACE Central Europe – Part 23: A Surprise Stop – Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain


Part 23: A Surprise Stop

On Saturday afternoon, August 3 our ACE Central Europe trip was coming to a close, but not before the trip organizers surprised us with an unplanned stop.

As we headed toward Frankfurt we were surprised to see what looked like a roller coaster in the distance. Could this be a surprise credit?

It turned out not to be a credit, but it was fascinating to two busloads of coaster enthusiasts nonetheless.

We stopped at Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain,

a large, walkable sculpture of a looping roller coaster

by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth.

It was a long hike up the mountain to the sculpture.

Once at the sculpture,

the track was a stair step walkway that we all enjoyed exploring.

You were not allowed to walk the loop for obvious reasons.

We got some great shots from here of the surrounding countryside,

including a nuclear plant.

This is quite an amazing sculpture

and was a nice surprise to end our trip.

Once down from the sculpture ACE President Dave Altman presented a gift to volunteer trip organizers Ray Topscher and Kevin Schreiner. It was another great ACE trip to Europe.

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  1. super cool

    actually i thought at first you could do the loop…they just inverted you as you got to the top!

    • Walking the loop would certainly make it a lot more challenging MR 6! I realized how hard it was to walk the entire track – it sure is easier on a train!

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