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About Destination South

Destination South began in April 2011 as the expanded version of Six Flags Over Georgia NET. SFOGnet provided information on the Atlanta theme park for over 12 years. As the SFOGnet era drew to a close, it was time for something new, and thus, Destination South was born.

Destination South provides information, photos, and forum discussion on amusement parks and rides in the southern United States, as well as Halloween attractions and other local events.


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Drop us an e-mail for all content submissions, site inquiries, link exchanges, etc.


Team Destination South


Agent K

Florida Correspondant / Twitter Tracker

After working four summers at Six Flags Over Georgia, and two summers at Cedar Point, Agent K knows no off season in the Sunshine state. He enjoys exploring opportunities to enjoy central Florida even outside of the big parks. On an off day you may find Agent K tracking Florida storms, or searching for coupons to get into Fun Spot.





Co-Admin / HHN Junkie

Chris has worked in the theme park industry for over eight years, and has visited many parks throughout the United States.  Chris considers himself an expert of the Orlando theme parks in particular.  Chris has attended Halloween Horror Nights since 2003, and considers Halloween events his favorite pastime.

Chris enjoys a good dark ride or fully themed environment as much as any coaster, but still enjoys any time something new or innovative comes along in the coaster field.




Co-Admin / Pumpkin Queen

Many moons ago, it was Jackie’s idea to create a “shrine” to all things Six Flags Over Georgia.. and thus, Six Flags Over Georgia: An Unofficial Shrine was born.  That site morphed into Six Flags Over Georgia Net, and then that site morphed into Destination South, with the help of Chris and the rest of Team Destination South.

Jackie is a Management Maven by day, and a Professional Internet Adventurer by night.  She enjoys all things amusement parks, Halloween, animals, and anything that can be read on the Kindle.  She enjoys amusement parks so much that she married Chris at Walt Disney World!





Deliverer of Logic and Keeper of the Peace

John hails from somewhere in Georgia. Enjoys rollercoasters, dark rides, and old style amusement rides. Programmer/System Administrator by day and net junkie by night. He enjoys adventuring out on the weekends, and the occasional holiday with friends.





HHN Junkie / Resident Lurker

Tyler worked at Six Flags as a ride operator from 2000-2004. He has been on numerous adventures up and down the east coast with his coaster buddy Chris. Much as Chris he is a veteran of the Halloween Horror Nights scene having attended every year since 2003. Even though Six Flags over Georgia is the closest park to him, he considers the Orlando parks to be his home parks, Universal Orlando imparticular. His favorite ride is Men in Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios, though he can be caught doing the Bill Paxton “stand” over at Twister at least once every visit.

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