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What Happens When it Snows in the South

"Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser"

After seeing many posts going around Facebook from people who are not from the South making fun of how Southerners react to “snow”, I decided to write this to hopefully clear up any misconceptions there may be about why the South “shuts down” when there is a threat of snow.  While this is not theme park related, it is a Southern topic! Thanks for your attention and please enjoy! -Jackie An open letter to anyone who doesn’t understand why, or worse yet, thinks it’s funny when the South shuts down for “snow”:

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Hurricane Harbor Update


Well folks, At the headquarters for Destination South in Georgia, we just had a “snow event” that essentially shut down the city for two days . So, with it being the slow season still, let’s think about warmer weather by taking a look at the latest construction pictures of Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia courtesy of their Facebook page! As you can see land grading for the area appears to be done for the most part with the beginnings of what appears to be a pump house structure being started. Now that the large scale grading is coming […]

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