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ACE Summer Con 2013 – Part 2: Canadian National Exhibition and Marineland


Part 2: Canadian National Exhibition and Marineland After a quick meal along the way, David and I arrived at the Canadian National Exhibition around 8:00 Saturday evening, August 24. Having recently been to 2 German fairs, I was curious how this would compare. Overall there were more rides here than at the German fairs and there were particularly more children’s rides. In addition there were a lot of other fair exhibits which you didn’t see in Germany. The German fairs had bigger, more intense rides and more food stands and games. The Canadian fair was pretty crowded, but it was […]

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ACE Summer Con 2013 – Part 1: Canada’s Wonderland


ACE Summer Con 2013 – Canada’s Wonderland & Marineland plus Canadian National Exhibition Part 1: Canada’s Wonderland On Friday, August 23 ACE Summer Con 2013 began at Canada’s Wonderland, Canada’s largest amusement park and the highest attendance park for Cedar Fair. Originally I planned to take Friday off, but due to taking so much vacation for the Central Europe trip, I needed to work Friday morning and fly out Friday afternoon. I flew into Buffalo and rented a car. This would give me enough time to drive to the park and arrive a while before ERT. Or so I thought. […]

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ACE Coaster Con XXXVI – Epilogue: Story Land & Santa’s Village


Epilogue: Story Land & Santa’s Village On Saturday, June 22 with Coaster Con over, it was a good opportunity to visit some small parks in NH. It is interesting to me that NH has several small parks while neighboring VT has none. We had planned to visit the 3 smaller parks in NH that Saturday, but unfortunately Six Gun City in Jefferson, NH didn’t open for the season. It has since reopened, but we only got to see Gold Rush Express (E&F Miler, Family Coaster, 2005) from the road. Even so, Story Land and Santa’s Village make for a full […]

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