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ACE Central Europe – Part 8: Erlebnispark Tripsdrill


Part 8: Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, Cleebronn, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany On Tuesday afternoon, July 23 we arrived at Tripsdrill for one of 2 visits. After the afternoon, we would return the next morning. We were served a late lunch on Tuesday and a nice sit down lunch on Wednesday before we left. We were a little late getting to the park and a thunderstorm took about an hour of our time, but it moved out before ERT that evening. With 2 ERT sessions, we had enough time to enjoy this beautiful park in spite of a few complications. The park has 4 […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 7: Skyline Park


Part 7: Skyline Park, Bad Wörishofen, Bavaria, Germany On Tuesday, July 23 we headed to Skyline Park. On every trip there is a park where things just don’t work out well. It would be this park for this trip. A short time in the park, lots of school groups and coaster breakdowns would conspire to cause many to miss one or more credits here. Before we arrived I was concerned that with less than 3 hours and several low capacity coasters, this might be a real challenge. It certainly would be. The park has 5 coasters, in the order we […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 6: Munich, Germany


Part 6: Munich, Germany After checking into our hotel in Munich we took the S-Bahn to Marienplatz (Mary’s Square). Here we saw the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall). We could see the Glockenspiel, but not when it was in action. We saw the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall). We walked off the square by Peterskirche (St. Peter’s Church). We walked by Asamkirche (Asam Church), now a church but once a showroom for the Asam brothers to demonstrate Baroque features for churches to purchase. Their office and home are next door. We walked further down the street to the Sendlinger Tor, […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 4: Vienna, Austria


Part 4: Vienna, Austria On Sunday afternoon, July 21 we took the subway to Karlsplatz to begin our walking tour of Vienna. We walked past the Staatsoper (Opera), representimg the importance of classical music in this city that is considered the world capital of that genre. We walked to Albertinaplatz and saw the modern Monument Against War and Fascism. We then walked to a Beisl for lunch, a uniquely Viennese type of restaurant that is a cross between an English pub and a French brasserie. Rick Steves recommended Reinthaler’s Beisl, and it was a good place to get Wiener schnitzel, […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 3: Wiener Prater


Up Next: Wiener Prater Part 3: Wiener Prater, Vienna, Vienna, Austria After a drive on Saturday, July 20 to Vienna we arrived at Wiener Prater. With the evening and all day Sunday available for this park, we headed into the park Saturday evening to get as much done as possible to preserve time for sightseeing Sunday afternoon. Operating since 1766, Wiener Prater means “Vienna Meadow” and is a large city park. The amusement portion of the park is known as Wurstelprater. Rides are owned and operated by individual vendors, so there is no pay-one-price option. The park has 10 roller […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 2: VidamPark


Part 2: VidamPark, Budapest, Pest, Hungary Our trip began on Saturday, July 20 at VidamPark in Budapest. While the park has operated for many years, it has recently hit some difficulties and is slated to close in September 2013. It will be transitioned into the neighboring zoo, which will continue to operate some of the historic rides including Hullámvasút (Roller Coaster) and Körhinta (Merry-Go-Round), but most of the amusement rides will be removed. Throughout the ACE trip I spent most of my time in the parks with Richard Bostic and also various others including Vanessa Thomas, Judy Thomas, Betty Thornson, […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 5: Bayern Park


Part 5: Bayern Park, Reisbach, Bavaria, Germany On Monday, July 22 we made our way into Germany for our first Bavarian park. Bayern Park, literally Bavarian Park, is a beautifully landscaped family park with a good assortment of rides. We had about 6 hours in the park plus an hour scheduled for ERT. Unfortunately the coaster on which we had ERT scheduled was not working and while they attempted to get it up, ultimately they gave us tokens for the alpine slides in place of ERT. They served us a good meal as well. They have 5 coasters: Achterbahn (The […]

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ACE Central Europe 2013 – Part 1: Budapest, Hungary


Part 1: Budapest, Hungary After taking a 10:30 p.m. flight to Amsterdam with my friend Richard Bostic on Wednesday, July 17 and a subsequent connecting flight, we arrived in Budapest around 6:30 Thursday evening. After making it to our hotel, Richard and I had time for a Rick Steves recommended restaurant, Menza, where we got several Hungarian dishes which were very good. After a quick tour of the Train Station, it was time to catch up on sleep. On Friday, July 19, we began our tour of Budapest. Hungarian people are quite different from the other peoples of Europe. Known […]

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