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ACE Coaster Con XXXVI – Part 2: Canobie Lake, Palace Playland & Funtown Splashtown


Part 2: Canobie Lake, Palace Playland & Funtown Splashtown We left for the 2 hour drive to our next park with a quick stop along the way at Funworld Game Center, a family entertainment center in Nashua, NH. They have one roller coaster: Orient Express: (Wisdom, Kiddie Coaster, 1997) This gave a pretty forceful ride for a small coaster – 1 ride. We also rode: Two Story Venetian Carousel: (Venetian, Modern Carousel, 1999) Imported from Italy – 1 ride. They also have a small Himalaya. This is a nice FEC with lots of games, bowling and other activities. After checking […]

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ACE Coaster Con XXXVI – Part 1: Six Flags New England


ACE Coaster Con XXXVI – Part 1: Six Flags New England This year ACE Coaster Con XXXVI was held at Six Flags New England, Canobie Lake Park, Palace Playland and Funtown Splashtown USA. We began at Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA with a dinner on Sunday, June 16. After several extraordinary Cons over the last few years, I was wondering what this Con would bring. This is one of the smaller Six Flags properties, one from the Premier days, and I wasn’t sure if they would rise to the level we have recently experienced. They did. From a […]

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ACE Coaster Con XXXVI – Prologue: Quassy Amusement Park & Lake Compounce


ACE Coaster Con XXXVI: Six Flags New England, Canobie Lake, Palace Playland & Funtown Splashtown Prologue: Pre Con in CON-necticut: Quassy Amusement Park & Lake Compounce This year ACE Coaster Con XXXVI was in New England. I flew to Hartford, CT on Friday, June 14 and met up with Richard Bostic and Tina Quinn. On Saturday, June 15, the New England region of ACE held an event – Pre Con in CON-necticut at Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, CT and Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT. We met up with David Lipnicky at the park that morning. Vanessa Thomas also joined […]

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Ronny’s Travels – ACE Central Europe – Overview


Chris asked to highlight some of my trip reports from my travels here on the main page, so I have posted these here. Among the top destinations for coasters that I have wanted to get to is Germany, so when ACE announced they would be offering a trip to Central Europe to include parks in Hungary, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands, I knew I wanted to make it work. It would be a 15 day coaster trip and with travel days would require at least 11 days of vacation. I have never asked for more than 10 days together, but […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 24: Conclusion – Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Part 24: Conclusion – Frankfurt am Main, Germany Arriving at the hotel around 8:30, we probably should have thought better of going into Frankfurt am Main from our hotel at the airport. Although described as a 12 minute train ride, the process of getting to the airport and taking the train took more like an hour. By the time we arrived in Frankfurt am Main, there was little time for anything but dinner, but we made the most of our time. We arrived at Rathenauplatz where we got a good view of the Main Tower, a 650 foot skyscraper built […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 23: A Surprise Stop – Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain


Part 23: A Surprise Stop On Saturday afternoon, August 3 our ACE Central Europe trip was coming to a close, but not before the trip organizers surprised us with an unplanned stop. As we headed toward Frankfurt we were surprised to see what looked like a roller coaster in the distance. Could this be a surprise credit? It turned out not to be a credit, but it was fascinating to two busloads of coaster enthusiasts nonetheless. We stopped at Tiger & Turtle Magic Mountain, a large, walkable sculpture of a looping roller coaster by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. It […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 22: Movie Park Germany and Freizeitpark Schloss Beck


Part 22: Movie Park Germany, Bottrop, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany On Saturday, August 3 our adventure would come to an end, but not before we stopped at one more park, Movie Park Germany. Purchased by Parques Reunidos in 2005, it previously operated as Warner Bros. Movie World Germany (1996-2004), Bavaria Filmpark Bottrop (1992-1993), Neue Traumland (1986-1991), Traumlandpark (1977-1985) & Kirchhellener Märchenwald (1967-1976). We only had six hours here, and I wanted to use the last hour to visit another park next door, so I only got to ride the coasters and a few unique attractions. I will review by themed section. […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 21: Die Cranger Kirmes 2013


Part 21: Die Cranger Kirmes 2013 (The Funfair of Crange), Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany On Friday afternoon, August 2 we drove back into Germany for a 3 hour stop at the second largest fair in Germany. The fair had only 2 roller coasters, but one was a legend that many of us had hoped to someday ride, and this would be the day: Olympia Looping: (Schwarzkopf, Lopper, Unknown Year) Owned by Barth, this is the largest portable coaster in the world. It has 5 loops, each in a color of the Olympic rings: blue, black, red, yellow and green. When […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 20: Toverland


Part 20: Toverland, Sevenum, Limburg, Netherlands On Friday, August 2 we arrived at Toverland. “Toveren” is a Dutch word meaning “wizardry” or to “do magic”, so Toverland is basically “Magic Land” or “Wizard Land”. This relatively small park has a lot of attractions. Many of them are located (or partially located) in 2 large buildings. There are four coasters: Troy: (GCI, Wood Coaster, 2007) This is the park’s star attraction and it is excellent. It is filled will airtime, the speed is great and it is very well paced. It is a ride you want to ride again and again […]

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ACE Central Europe – Part 19: Efteling


Part 19: Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, North Brabant, Netherlands On Thursday, August 1 we drove to Efteling in time for a short period of ERT with hotel guests. Opened as a fairy tale attraction 60 years ago, the park has grown into a resort with its on hotel. It is highly themed and very large and spread out and has a number of good attractions and some really unique features. I will review by section. Park Centre This entry section houses the front gate in an elaborate African inspired structure with thatched roofs. There is a show here, Aquanura, billed as the […]

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